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Discover our Vouchers and give your best friend the best food!



At Husse we understand the power of good nutrition; we live to give your best friend’s the best food.

So, we have created these lovely little vouchers especially for you and here is how they work:


20% Discount on your first order!


  1. Create a new account on our website

  2. Choose your favourite products and proceed to Checkout!

  3. Place your first order with us (at least £5 but if you spend more than £30 then delivery is free so, be generous with your furry friend!)

  4. Remember to use our Voucher Code: HUSSE30

  5. Enjoy your 20% Voucher Discount with your four legged friend!





Give your best friend’s best friend, best food!


  1. Create a new account on our website

  2. Place an order with us!

  3. Select a friend from Wales who HAS NOT previously purchased from Husse Wales 

  4. Fill in your voucher request form and send it to us either via emailing a photograph of the completed voucher to or via our Facebook pageHusse Wales





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Specially formulated for less active dogs with sensitive digestive systems
Boll: S

Boll: S

Boll Small Dog Toy: 100% Natural Rubber


Specially developed for puppies of larger breeds
Fästing Minus: 35 ml

Fästing Minus: 35 ml

Droplets against ticks and fleas


Bitring Large & Medium 100% Natural Rubber